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Interstellar Ink Tattoo Studio Team photo, tattoo artists, Joe Gregory, Irene Crowley, Yuri Monteiro, Eileen Gladwin, Sean Lohan

Introducing Interstellar Ink Tattoo Studio


Launched in July 2020, we have grown quicker than we could ever of imagined. 

Two moves later plus new team members and we have finally settled into our forever home.

We are proud of the space we have created, providing a place that’s welcoming to people from all walks of life. 

To truly understand what we have to offer, you have to experience it for yourself.


Joe Gregory

Owner | Tattoo Artist

Black and grey realism | Portraits

Joe Gregory, tattoo artist, tattooist, owner Interstellar Ink Tattoo Studio

Ever since I was little I've always had a passion for art, from a young age I would spend the majority of my time surrounded by pens, paper, scissors and glue making whatever came to mind.

My first ever teacher believed so strongly that I would make something of myself due to my artistic nature, that she kept a picture I drew so she could make some money from it. Sorry to disappoint!

Aside from my love of art I like to keep active, still playing football with the lads I grew up with. I love watching films, horror, action, comedies, sci-fi (take a guess where the studio name came from) and of course superhero movies. Batman's my guilty pleasure but that’s no secret. Music plays a huge part in my life, one minute you might catch me listening to classical music, the next heavy metal. If you like rock n roll we'll get along just fine. My guitars however have been neglected and are now collecting dust ever since I became a Dad! 

I have been happily married for 6 years to my very talented wife who is a whizz at wedding photography (give her a shout if you're getting hitched - link below). We have three little terrors who are on the whole, well behaved, that said I solely blame them for the amount I have aged in recent years. 

As soon as I was old enough to be tattooed I was fascinated by the art, spending the majority of my time in the chair quizzing the tattoo artist. Since 2012, between other jobs I started developing my skillset as a tattooist, pushing myself harder and setting bigger challenges to improve my overall execution. After a number of years as a self taught tattooist, I took the plunge and became a full time tattooist in 2020. I tackle pretty much any style, that said I love black and grey, photo realism and portraits. 


I take pride in the work that I do and in the long-term relationships that I build with my clients. I am a firm believer in working hard, working together, and having fun along the way! Explore my portfolio, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Irene Crowley

Tattoo Artist Padawan


Irene Crowley Tattooist Artist

My love of drawing started when I was able to pick up a pencil. Since I was little, I got into trouble with numerous teachers as I did nothing but draw on the tables, the margins of the books, my friends' arms, the walls... anything but pay attention! After a few years of working as a primary school teacher, I decided to take a leap of faith and dedicate my life to creating art for others. 


I moved to the UK in 2014 looking for a better future, and I can happily say I found it! I am a proud Spaniard and you will probably hear me brag about my hometown and complain more about the weather than most!


I love drawing florals, small characters (the nerdier, the better), cute animals and everyday objects! I'm a manga/anime passionate, and I'm also into true crime, twisted stories, time travel and horror films, videogames, Asian food, Rubik's cubes, alpacas, social activism and drag queen shows. A weird mix? Yep, that sounds like me!

Yuri Monteiro

Tattoo Artist

Fine line black and grey | Custom script

Yuri Monteiro Tattoo Artist

Hi, let me introduce myself, I’m 24 years of age and was born in portugal. 

I’m a very chilled person, I love rap and soul music, love movies like Scarface, Goodfellas and movies of that genre. I’m a fan of sports, mainly football.
If I’m not in the studio, I’m at home spending time with my family. I’m a dad of two beautiful girls. My girlfriend that has always been my rock, showing unlimited love and support, even when I watch football for days in a row.

I’ve been doing art as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with the artistic process. Always been very eager to learn and pursue my dream as an artist.

I made a big decision when I was 18. I got myself a job and decided to further my studies in England. I came by myself, no family with £200 to my name and got myself into a fine art course in a university. 

I was a big fan of the show Miami ink, that’s where it sparked my passion towards tattooing. Since then I wanted to translate into that medium. That’s when I started studying the game and I fell in love with the fine line black and grey style of tattooing. I self taught myself how to do lettering because I just fell in love with it. I started going to conventions and always learning things from other artists. Done my apprenticeships, worked in studios with big artists and have been building myself from there.

I’m proud of never giving up, it wasn’t easy, but I’m now happy to be a part of the Interstellar Ink team. 

Can’t wait to meet you all and bring your vision into reality. 

-The cool guy 

Eileen Gladwin

Tattoo Artist

Geo | Fine-line | Patchwork

Eileen Gladwin, tattooist, tattoo artist, Interstellar Ink tattoo studio

Hey Peeps! 


I’m Eileen, I’m the newbie and the youngest member of the crew. Originally I am from Germany, great place, can recommend. I moved over to the UK in 2019 and haven’t really looked back since. Love being here!


I come from a very artistic family. Everyone either plays an instrument or draws, or like me, does both. I loved to draw and create things since I can remember. Unfortunately the German school system killed that love off for a while but I rediscovered it during Covid. I always loved tattoos, I used to come home after school fully covered in pictures all over my arms. My dad made me stop that though, cause he was convinced sharpie causes cancer. What a hater. 


Like a lot of artists I started out spending most of my time staring out the window in school, daydreaming or distracting my mates with whatever weird thought I had going on in my head. Fun fact: I actually carried a variety of DVDs in my school bag at all times just in case we could persuade the teacher to sack actually learning things. Teachers used to call me “quirky”. Well, all the fun little quirks turned out to be autism. LoL


So yeah, following my successful school career I decided to go into the medical field and worked for an ambulance service and in a hospital. While being at college I worked in a bar where I met my partner who’s in the military and posted in Germany, so that’s the reason I am here. 


When you’ve met me you’ll realise I speak 4 languages fluently; German, English, Sarcasm and a load of shite. I will probably tell you about my undying love for my favourite singer, anything LGBTQI+ and Drag related, Star Wars, my favourite kitchen utensil and the fact that I am weirdly obsessed with Pineapple flavoured fruit sticks. 


What I enjoy most about tattooing is getting to know you guys and your stories. The quirkier the tattoo, the better. I love doing tattoos with a lot of meaning and the ones that you have to get after you lost a bet on a night out. 


If you are after floral pieces, fine-line tattoos or patchwork sleeves (and anything ignorant really) give me a message! 



Séan Lohan

Tattoo Artist Padawan

Tribal | Mandala | Geo

Sean Lohan, tattooist, tattoo artist, Interstellar Ink tattoo studio

Hi I’m Séan 


I love to create real things from ideas, I have a real passion for anything artistic, drawing, making clothes, creative writing and anything I can use my imagination to create something tangible. 


My main passion is patterns, geometrical, symmetrical, swirls,lines and dots. Mandalas are a big part of my work whether Dotwork or ornamental, light or dark contrast is key. From flowers to script to illustrative designs I like to try most things to continue to improve my skills. 


I’ve worked a few jobs over the years, from removals to running industrial scale printers, but one thing I’ve always been drawn to is tattoos. I started designing my own tattoos, which I then took to artists to tattoo onto me. I decided to take a leap and tattoo myself and I bought my own machine and went to town, well anywhere I could reach really, friends soon wanted some ink too, I was happy to oblige. Impressed with my work, Joe gave me the opportunity to turn this passion into a career which I’m very grateful for and will work hard to excel at. Come be part of my journey, seeing a happy clients face looking at there new art piece on their skin for the first time really makes it all worth it!


Born and raised in Reading, I’m new to the lovely town of Andover, moving here recently to start a family. Me and and my amazing partner have two beautiful daughters, who are the driving force behind me following my dreams of turning my passion into a career. 


I’m one of those actives sorts, I enjoy running, long walks and most sports. Movies, music, reading and podcasts are also big hobbies of mine spanning all genres it honestly depends on the day but I will watch, listen and read anything once. 


I like to create a safe and lovely atmosphere to work in, I’m friendly and easy to talk to, come in spend some time in the chair, let’s have a chat and create some living ink. 


Check out my insta to see my work or pick a design, or give me an idea and I’ll create something for you, look forward to meeting you.

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